jeudi 9 février 2012


The title of the picture is very simple : boxer. The photo is very simple too, we can see a boxer, alone in a training room, where the only thing there is is a boxing bag. The boxer is hitting at the bag, letting hios rage come out ... It's an old photo, in black and white so if the boxer didn't already have all these muscles, we could easily identify ourselves in this picture. This training room is really empty, we can guess that the boxer is very poor, and his boxing club too.

This photo reminds me a lot of things. First of, when I see this photograph, I remember, I remember my beginnings at boxing in my room, where there are just bags, nothing else, and where there isn't a lot of light. It reminds me that the boxer is someone who fights to exist. The rage is the only things he has to face life. I found this photo very interesting because we just see a man hitting at a bag, but it means really more. To me, this guy might have a lot of problems and he's making theme come out.

I thniks the artist didn't work alot to take this picture, she just took a photo of a normal training session. I think that we can see his dispair. So this photo is about the fact that boxing is really more than a sport, it makes you beome a better person, I know it because I did boxing, and I really have rage to punch out, so I punched a training bag. So Diane Arbus wants to show that everyone has rage, and everyone is making it come out, in this case, by boxing.

I think Diane Arbus made a really good job, because we see all a reality with a simple photo. I don't know if people who did'nt do boxing will be able to appreciate this photo, or maybe they will appreciate it but in a different way ... I think that boxing is a very special feeling that yoyu can't even imagine. If i owned this picture, I would put it on a wall and I would watch it everyday, to remember that life is a fight.

I've never been a very big fan of Art, but I tried to put out of my head my prejudices for this exhibition. Even if I found it quit interesting because of the messages that there are in the pictures, like tolerance, courrage etc ... I would'nt pay to see that. But I learnt that a picture is really more than a simple image, a picture is longer than a book, there's a big story in everyone.

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