samedi 11 février 2012

Daine Arbus - Blonde girl with shiny lipstick, N.Y.C, 1967

"Blonde girl with shiny lipstick" is a photograph of a woman wearing a lot of make-up. To hide some spots on her face, she wears foundation cream with shiny lipstick and eye-liner. She had a blow dry with her very blonde hair and she has a bang on her forehead.
Daine Arbus used an interesting way to show the importance of fashion in the sixties. We could understand that the girl wants to look like Marilyn Monroe. She is like a Barbie, she seems to be in plastic.
The title mentions that the girl is wearing a shiny lipstick. We can consider that it was an important detail for Diane Arbus, even it's difficult to say why. She might insist on her superficial side. She's probably at a party but it's not completely sure: maybe the girl usually wore as much make-up as in this photo.
However, Diane Arbus didn't take this photo by chance. She controls everything, lights, details, the dark background.
I think it's a very interesting exhibition. Everyone can see it beacause there is a lot of choice. All photographs are different and unique. Amateurs and professionals could appreciate all the details of each picture. Thanks to the exhibition, photography is now an easier world to understand.

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