vendredi 10 février 2012

Diane Arbus-The Backwards man in his hotel room, 1961, N.Y.C

In this black and white photo, we can see a man in the middle of his hotel room. He is looking to the left but his feet are turned towards the right. We can see his profile. He seems very focused and lost. He is wearing a long coat.
The room seems quite small. In front of the man, there are a bed, two chairs and behind him a mirror. A light bulb is hanging from the ceilling. There is a window in the room and the sutter is down.
This photo is quite strange, indeed the man's feet are turned in the wrong direction (compareed to his head). I think that Diane Arbus made this work with the help of a contortionnist.
In my opinion, the photo shows a paradox. The man is maybe thinking about his past (that's why he is looking to the left) and wants to stay in it, but it is impossible. So, his feet are turned towards the other side, meaning that he has to move on, and in a way the man wants to move on. He is at a loss and seems to be thinking about something sad.
It is a nostalgic photo, because everyone one day in his life wants to go back in his past but can't.
I found this exhibition very interesting because Diane arbus has a particular look at life and all of her photos have a hidden message.


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