lundi 6 février 2012

Diane Arbus - Child selling plastic orchids at night, NYC, 1963

Child selling plastic orchids at night, N.Y.C. 1963

It's the night. In the background, I can see lights of New York, City. And in the foreground, a little Eastern-looking girl messyhaired. In her hands, she holds plastic orchids. She's looking at the camera. In her look, I guess fear. She's asking for help. She looks innocent. She doesn't know where she is from, nor where she is going. She doesn't know, the truth is hidden. By who? Her masters, her parents -if she has some-, everyone. The lights of NY seem to give her a future. As a star in the night that she will have to find to light her way.

In this photo, I feel like a stranger. She is seven, eight, nine maybe. However I feel immature next to her. Her reality made her grow up faster. I feel different but close to her. I see her need, but I wouldn't buy her orchids. It's useless tome, and useless to her. Useful forthe persons who takes advantages of her. I don't want to sanction this. So I ignore, as everybody else does. I try to forget her look, forget how she was dressed, her age, her hoplessness. And I do, as all the little girls I saw before.

Diane Arbus is the photographr. How did she get so much from this little girl? It's the result of a lot of work, which consists t know the model. To talk with him. To be trusted. I personally think this is a great job. It's not only photography it is  real statement. If I could give you a piece ofadvice, jus jump, run, fly to this exhibition. You won't come back the same.


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