lundi 6 février 2012

The Diane Arbus exhibition

The photo that I have in mind is a picture of an old lady sitting in an armchair in a living-room. She looks very calm, she's knitting peacefully. She's probably watching TV because her eyes are focused on something. The photo is framed as if we could see all the living-room or as if the lady was part of the background. On the left of the room, there is an empty armchair, and a lamp. Maybe someone owned that chair in the past. In the middle of the picture, we can see a big window with long white curtains. This window brings a lot of light in the living-room, even if it is a black and white photo. The woman's face expression is quite sad and nostalgic.

This picture reminds me of the loneliness of the lady, how it made her sad and tired. To my mind, this woman is probably a widow who recently lost her husband. I think that the empty chair was her husband's and that even if her husband is gone, she keeps her routine in order to deny reality.

When I saw this picture for the first time I thought that she was an old lady in her retirement house.
I guess that Diane Arbus tried to show the loneliness of the woman by infringing in her privacy, her life. She took of her typical routine. Maybe the lady is knitting in front of her TV everyday.

If I could ask a question to Diane Arbus, I would ask her how she managed to show her solitude that well.

I think this exhibition is very impressive because we could all see the real nature of people in Diane Arbus' photos. I found it really outstanding because she shows people while they are in transition like tranvestites or girls putting on their make up etc.
Now I can see photography differently because it made me think that every photo is telling us a story, it is not just a short moment that the photographer is taking, it is the story of their whole life.
Diane Arbus is taking pictures of different people, unusual people that we can't meet everyday in the street. She wants to shatter the stereotypes of society.

Hortense, 2ndeM

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