lundi 6 février 2012

Diane Arbus, James Brown at home (1966)

If you could not see this photo, I would say that you must know who is in the photo because it's the center of it. It's James Brown, one of the greatest artists of the 1960s. This man is looking up to the light because he is putting on make-up. He is very different from us because he lives a celebrity's life although he is at home, he has to hide himself.
This photo illustrates me of the mood of the exhibition because it shows that people are always changing. I recognized the make-up, his clothes, Japanese or Chinese ideogrammes. But I've never seen someone changing in all their life. If people are always changing, everyone is like everyone and we can't recognize the real personality.
She made this photo to show that celebritites hadn't got a real personnality and for the public they must disguise themselves and after  their personnality. Why ? There are sociological elements because it denounced the consumption society so the title could be "come as you are" or "be what you are, not what they tell you to be"
I think it's in the morning after waking up, someone put make up on James Brown.
It's like producing a film, before you are on-stage, but it's not (I think).

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