lundi 6 février 2012

Diane Arbus - "A masked woman in a wheelchair"

At Diane's Arbus exhibition, a photograph particularly strucked me. Diane Arbus called it "A masked woman in a wheelchair".
On the foreground, a handicaped person who is probably elderly is holding a witch mask to hide her face. She is sitting in a wheelchair and she is covered with a blanket, maybe, she could not walk anymore.
On the background, a typical sixties house is depicted , I suppose it's the lady's house or her retirement home.

The most important in the picture is the mask because we cannot see her face and feelings, then, we can imagine whatever we want.
When you are behind a mask, no matter who you are, the woman can go out of her condition and have fun.
I consider this image impressive, the lady makes me smile.
So, to this photograph, I would give the title: "Change your life, wear a mask"
Accoding to me, Diane Arbus did a good work because to enjoy the image you have to think over it, to look for the signification of the mask and the wheelchair.

The exhibition was an experience, with Arbus' photos you can think about your condition and see everyone as a human being in spite of the differences.

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