jeudi 9 février 2012

Diane Arbus - Two Boys Smoking in Central Park, N.Y.C. 1962

This Diane Arbus' black-and-white photo shows two teenage boys, looking lazily at the camera and dressed like adults. Their clothes don't fit them, they're too wide. Those boys are smoking. They don't look like any other youth, but like any other youth, they want to look cool for the others. But they're standing alone between Central Park's trees. There's nobody else, the park is empty around them
They are alone. But perhaps this little Black American and this Hispanic boy want to integrate society, to grow up faster. They're looking for their own identity by copying what seems to them the best sign of grown-up behaviour.
If we forget the boys' 60s-typical clothes, this photo could have been taken nowadays. You can see in the street some youngsters who already smoke at the early age of 11 and you won't tell them to stop because it's bad for their health. Because like them you think they're grown-up.
Diane Arbus may have told them, or maybe not. But we're sure she took the time to talk with those boys and to understand them. She couldn't know that this photo would be still to the point today.
What is surely the most to the point and the most striking in Diane Arbus' work of art is the loneliness of the people she photographed and their way to seek or hide who they are really. And that's why you should see her exhibition.

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