lundi 6 février 2012

Diane Arbus

                                                  Diane Arbus : A veteran with a flag

Diane Arbus (1923-1971) is a New-York photographer.
Two hundreds of her photos are now exhibited at the museum "Le Jeu de Paume", Paris.
Her photographs are all in black and white. She took principally portraits of different people (prostitutes, transvestites, mongoloid children, blind people...).
Some of her photos have a kind of eroticism about them, but it is art.

One of these photo represents a man with an American flag in his right hand and a veteran cap on his head. He is probably a veteran from World War II or the Vietnam war because this photo was taken in 1970.
We suppose that this photo was taken in New-York City because we can see skycrapers in the background.

This man looks sad. He is looking away. Maybe he remembers the horror of war or maybe he lost a friend.
Patriotism is very important in America and it is probably for that reason that he has got an American flag.

If I was inside thos photo, I would feel sadness, admiration for these men who fought for their country.

The title, Veterant with a flag, is perfect. When we see the words "veteran" and "flag"', we immediatly understand that it is about war and patriotism.

To conclude, her photos are enthralling . Each of them is fraught with meaning.


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