lundi 6 février 2012

Diane Arbus : An obese lady with her dog

This photo represents an obese lady with her dog in her arms. She's sitting on a chair that matches her size. the lady is wearing a huge dress with stripes. We're captivated by her fat body, we're almost hypnotized by her size, her face, her posture.

This lady reminds me of an obese man I met in New York City. He was sitting on a bench in Central Park with his dog walking around him. I really felt interested in her case. She's fat, and she needs to show her obesity in her circus to earn money. That's the tragic point of view of the photograph.

I think that Diane Arbus met this woman in the street like lots of her models. Maybe she was feeling compassion for this poor lady, and that's why she wanted to take this photo. I suppose that if I was next to this lady I would feel guilty, I don't even know why. Maybe because in every society, this type of people will be marginalized.

Diane Arbus definitely did a good job. She showed another reality, the picture highlights the differences between her and us.
We're not the sam but we should look at her and not feel disturbed and uneasy: she seems happy with her dog, she's smiling.

All the exhibition is a bit disturbing but Diane's job is really well done and all these different types of photo made the exhibition diversified. 
Elisa C

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