lundi 6 février 2012

"Two ladies at the automat" a photo of Diane Arbus

I chose to describe a photo entitled "Two ladies at the automat", which was taken in 1961. This black and white photograph shows two old women sitting at the table of a self-service. They are smocking while waiting for their orders. They seem really to take care of themselves. They use make-up, their eyesbrown are drawn, they wear jewellery....

These two women attracted my attention because I find them really expressive. They look alike so they may be sisters. I feel a real complicity between them. I have the feeling that the woman on the right is leaning toward the other as she wants to tell her something about Diane Arbus. I imagine tham before Diane Arbus arrived, talking, gossiping about their entourage.

I think Diane Arbus photographed them because they are heavely made-up, and their looks seem to really matter for them inspite of their age. Diane Arbus interested in people who transformed themselves. Here, these two women have grown old but Diane Arbus highlights that they are still young girls at heart.


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