lundi 27 février 2012

Urban life

Security Digicode
This photo represents a digicode, it was taken in an entrance hall of a building in Asnières. The colour of the digicode is grey, rather metallic grey.
Like all digicodes, there are figures and letters. The keys are also composed of a Braille system for blind people.

Nowadays, digicodes are not only present in Asnières' buildings, they are everywhere. If you enter any building wherever on Earth, I am quite sure that you would find a digicode.

We can relate the colour maybe to a stronghold. Only people who know the code can enter, strangers can't bother you.

People like the idea that they are safe in their homes, that nothing can happen to them, that murderers or thieves won't be able to infringe on their intimacy. 


Fast-paced urban life

This photo was taken in Asnieres. Every detail of this picture can show the fast pace of urban life.
First we can see a scooter, which is now a convenient means of transport because it can be fast, especially when there are traffic jams – something typical in town.
There is a meter  on the pavement too. In town, car-drivers can park their motor-vehicles, but only for a short time.
Besides, we see Mac Donalds’ sign and we all know the “Golden Arches” mean cheap and fast food. This kind of fast restoration is totally urban because people are eager to eat: they are students or workers for a company, and don’t want to devote a lot of money and time to their meal.

Elisa. M.

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