dimanche 25 mars 2012

The beauty of the urban side of Courbevoie

We took photos of the urban side of Courbevoie. When we think about la Défense, we think about grey skyscrapers, a sad and a gloomy atmosphere. La Défense is also associated with the idea of crowd, of the corporate world. We wanted to show that the city had a certain form of beauty.

On the first photo we can see la Grande Arche, one of la Défense's landmarks surrounded by buildings. This ensemble is reflecting itself in the iced lake, with the Arche in the middle, like perfect symmetry. We can imagine watching a "parallel world" in which the modern and design street lights produce, on the iced water, a futurist atmosphere. The clear winter sky gives a peace impression.

Here, we can see typical la Défense scenery. There are some buildings, a road with cars, but if you look carefully you can see that the buildings with glass facades are reflected into each other. The reflections are distorted and it's like a giant game of distorting mirrors.

In Courbevoie, of course, there are buildings, but vegetation is also there. On this photo, the buildings are circled by trees, plants. They are in a vegetation frame. This photo proves that the humans need nature, parks, garden because they would become mad without it. Indeed, nature provides calm, tranquility which is an escape from the busy, noisy life we have in our modern society.

This shows that a city can be filled by buildings, houses, but it still is beautiful and pleasant. This photo shoot helped us realize that Courbevoie is an agreeable place to live and it has hidden side that we could not have imagined before.

Harshita, Louise and Abdu

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