samedi 10 mars 2012

Diane Arbus : Xmas tree in a living room

    The photo shows a 60s living room. On the right stands a television and on the left a sofa and a giant tree, which apparently had been cut in order to fit the room. On the back wall, there's a mirror which looks like a star. The middle of the room is empty although near the christmas tree there are lots of presents.

    This photo reminds me of christmas, because nothing has really changed since that time. At the foot of the tree  there have always been set lots of presents. What interest me is the differences in the same room. The background is full whereas the foreground is empty.
   The artist probably went home, set up the different elements, and then took a photo. In this picture, I can sense criticism levelled at our consuming society. She wanted to show that people prefer to buy lots of presents instead of buying furniture.
    What i find hanging in this photo is the message. I find the disposition of furniture really well studied. I think everybody can understand the reasons of this picture, and this means a very good work. I think if I owned this photo, I would hang it in the middle of my living room, in order to smile each time I'll see it.

    Everybody should see this exhibition for Diane Arbus. She took a wide range of photos : babies, young men, old women, disabled,... Now I look at photos from a different angle. I reflect more about the meaning of a photo than before.


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