mercredi 14 mars 2012

Diane Arbus

A child crying, N.J., 1967

Child Crying, New Jersey, 1967

This picture is a black and white photo of a baby crying. This baby has been running a baby race in diapers. Diane Arbus did a close up on his face and this leads us to focus on his face's expression.

Strangely, something really emotional comes from this photo. The baby's tears reveal more thant his transient sadness.
It forces us to wonder about parents' stupidity and cruelty by organizing some kind of baby contests, as twin contests.

I am able to read sociological elements in this shockink picture. It means American habits can be criticized. I am sure this picture was made to show how strange this kind of entertainment can be. The photograph may makes us feel some sense of guilt when we realise how selfish parents can sometimes be.

Diane Arbus therefore did a good job because people must be touched by her photo. A baby can't speak : crying is his only way to express his feelings. Diane Arbus got interested in a short but strong moment of his life, which can be a moment lived by plenty of babies.

Lots of people should see the Diane Arbus exhibition because she had a particularly interesting way of looking at things around her. Actually she criticized many of these things through her pictures. She loved people out of the ordinary because they are not copies of other people.
Diane Arbus shot photos to make people wonder about their habits. To make them wonder about their life, in a way.

Elisa. M.

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