mardi 13 mars 2012

Good shot!

This photo in black and white represents a young boy playing pool in a room filled with games, like bowling or videogames. The pool is an old amusement that creates here an harmony with colors of the photo. However the player is only seven and it shows that nowadays children discover earlier and earlier leisure activities which, as we could think, are dedicated to teenagers or adults. Besides, we can observe in the mirror that most people in the room are adults. The game represents evasion in the city from the harshness of our everyday life. It makes us happy and, during several minutes we become children who just have fun again. But sometimes the game can help us to think and develop our reflexes, which is right for this child. Through the game we are easily able to integrate a group of people and devote ourselves to a moment of conviviality and friendliness. 


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