jeudi 15 mars 2012

Photos of Courbevoie

The theme of our series of photos is the way buildings reflect on mirrors.
On the photo, this glass-dom seems to warp the car, which is kind of a symbol for cities, and the buildings that are reflected. This reflection gives a mysterious aura to elements that would have been such common and boring otherwise.
This photo turns upside down the viewpoint. We have this pole cutting the image in two pieces: one side showing the false reflection of a curved building and the other side showing the very square real building, which looks like falling into the illusion of the mirror.
This last photo plays with the contrast of the striped frame with the curve of the buildings reflecting on the mirror. Concrete blocks originally angular and grey are given the sunset-colors and the shape of a dream with the reflection. It's like we were looking through a window opening on a parallel universe.
Don't you see now how mirrors can distort cityscapes and confer them some unexpected beauty ?
Armand, Deborah & Quentin

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