mercredi 14 mars 2012


We wanted to photograph vegetation in Courbevoie. It's a bet because we are in winter and we can usually see vegetation, flowers in spring or summer. Courbevoie has four leaves; it means that it's a town in bloom! That's why we chose this angle, flowers and vegetation are a part of our city identity.

In this photo, we can see a palm tree with big plant holders just in front of Courbevoie office of mayor. It's very clean and well-kept. Vegetation is really important for a city because when you see trees and flowers, it is immediately more beautiful. Cities want to be wonderful for residents. Flowers and plants also allow to make city more pleasant because greenery offsets the cold of concrete.

 This photo was taken at la Defense near the "Dome". We found really surprising to see plants growing in big concrete blocks. It shows that we can manage to combine both, construction and vegetation. We like this contrast which represents environmental progress done by our city and companies. In opposition to the previous photo, plants are in big blocks but it's a bit messier.

 We can see that ivy covers everything. Therefore, in this funny photo, nature takes control over construction and modernity. It also shows that vegetation is everywhere in Courbevoie, even on the toilets! Greenery is a main concern for residents, cities and countries...

Joanne, Anh-Linh & Lucile

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