lundi 4 février 2013

Merhaba ! Bursa comes to Courbevoie

This morning, the European section met students from Emine Ornek Lise, Bursa, Turkey. During an hour, they had the opportunity to share and talk about their respective lives.
Plenty of questions were asked and Turkish students took a real pleasure answering them. Through this short interview, they could have a little overview of the main differences between Turkish and French students. For example, the school system “It’s completely different! We work between 8.30am and 5.30pm or even 7.30pm some days! And our classes last only 40 minutes” Gamze, a Turkish student said.

They are not really involved in Turkey’s political life but they still fear terrorist attacks. They also mentioned that Ataturk remains one of the biggest idol though.

Despite these differences, French and Turkish students have a lot of things in common. They are all teenagers who share the same interests.

Constance and Marie-Anne.

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