jeudi 25 octobre 2012


   The photo I chose is actually two photos, they are from Paul Graham's series "The Present". The concept of this series is simple, the photographer chooses a place and takes a first photo then he waits a few seconds and he takes a second one without moving. The two pictures I chose are my favorite on the series and at the BAL's exhibition in Paris. In the first picture we can see a man, crossing the road, he is very well dressed so we can guess he is probably a wealthy businessman, maybe coming back from work because he is carrying a suit-case. The second picture is taken at the same cross-roads but in this one it is not a wealthy man but a poor one, kind of looking like a homeless. On both photos the two men are at the exact same place and so it create a real effect of contrast between those two totally different characters crossing the same New-York street.

   We can easily read the social status of these two men thanks to their clothes and attitude  The well dressed man is very elegant unlike the other who wears worn out and shabby outfits. I would have called those photos "Black and White" because they really are opposed just like black and white but they still were taken in the same place just like black and white are two colors. They could also have been called "The Contrast" or "Inequality". I think Paul Graham took those pictures to raise our awareness because they are really representing social inequalities.

   I think those photos are good because they are kind of disturbing in a certain way as they highlight inequalities in the world not just in New York. I will remember those photos for sure because they made me think about what is wrong in our society. I definitely recommend this exhibition because it is quite interesting and it impressed me although I generally don't care about this kind of exhibition. This one is special and anybody could like it and understand it fully. Paul Graham is an exceptional photographer and his work exhibited at Le BAL is truly stunning.


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