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The 2M European class students have looked at their city with a different eye after visiting the Paul Graham exhibition and taken part in the "Le Bal- Mon Oeil" programme.

Groups of students have toured urban landscapes and sought to find a new angle. Here is what they saw.

Invisible connections:

One month ago, as it was snowing, we walked along the railroad as long as possible from Courbevoie station to Bécon station and took pictures.The train is something common, it belongs to the daily life but the snow makes it new and emphasizes its unconspicuousness.

So, we started at the Courbevoie station. There's a train behind the trees, the road and the railroad are clearly separated. We can barely see la Defense because of the snow. The train accentuates the depth.

Seeing the snow cover we can guess that no trains are traveling there. Actually it's the railroad to Colombes and it's no more available because of works.

 This picture was taken from the Bécon bridge overlooking the rail tracks. 

 On this picture, we can also see the rails covered with snow cushioning the dead end.

                                                                                                                  Flore / Angélia

Traffic life

We decided to take series of three pictures, one when the light was green, one when it was orange and the last when it was red to draw the attention on the evolving cityscape.

First series:

This picture is the only one we took in Courbevoie.

Second series:

The second series was next to the Louve, you can see that the only bright colour is a yellow bundle, in the first picture you can't see what it is, but in other pictures you can see that it belongs to a homeless.

Third series:

This series was taken behind the Opera Garnier, the only constant element, apart from the buildings, is the bus.

Fourth series:


The last series was taken rue de Rivoli. The girl in red echo the red flags on the left of the picture.
Achille/ Arnaud


  The idea was to show all the things we don't pay attention to in the street. 
They could be strange, intriguing, you can ask yourself many questions about them. And if you choose a certain angle you may notice that they occupy a significant place in the urban landscape. They are definitely part of it.

The red patch of the abandoned cigarette pack billows into a building.A car was transformed into a trolley by magic.

The cigarette butt flows on icicles past the city.

How long has it been here ? How did that get here ? Maybe because  the wind  put it here. 

The shopping trolley caught our attention because there wasn't any shop around. 
Magic made it in the same shape as the buildings behind. 

The keys fell down from the sky. This is to end the series in order to say that you have to find the key to the mystery of lesser things..

Benoît, Léa and Morgane


This picture was taken in the bus in the morning. Like Paul Graham, we took the pctures without squaring or aiming the camera. The frame is random. The cold and gloomy colours reflect the atmosphere of the bus and the blasé or stressed people in it.


These pictures were taken in the Parisian metro in the afternoon. 
We can see trains passing like time, really fast with anonymous, faceless,  ghost-like figures. On the third picture, even the reflection of the passenger in the window is blurred. 
On each picture, a yellow stripe stretches like a warning. Public transports reflect the perpetual movement of the city and the mutual indifference it generates. 

Mallorie, Constance and Marie-Anne.


 Our idea for these pictures, was to provoke shock and sensation for the viewers, so we decided to go to the most disturbing and filthy place we could think of, and take photos of everything around us. We thought that it would even be more interesting, if they had a message, and the best way to do that, is if this dirty place was hidden behind a totally commun and ordinary public space. So, as suprsing as it may seem, the pictures we took, are from la Defense, but they give a totally different and much gloomier aspect of it. 

The first and second pictures are symmetric. Indeed, the lines are straight. Those places are hostile and repulsive.

 The third one shows the contrast between large and new towers at the top of the picture     and the dirty place where there is a squat of SDF at the bottom of the picture.

Those three pictures are very shocking because it's very dirty. The atmosphere is uncomfortable and so we feel uneasy. There is also a contrast between bright and dark colors in these images. 

Maïlys, Hélène, Maivi


The goal of this series of pictures is to see the world from a different point vew, with the reflection of the city on the Towers of "la Defense". All the pictures were taken from the bottom to show the importance of those skyskrapers as well as the reflection of the whole city.
The reflection of the city and the whole sky conveys the impression that it's just an image on the building

 On this picture we can see the alignment between the buildings and the Arche of la Defense which seems very small next to the tower in the foreground.

        On those two other pictures, the thousand windows make the building look really impressive and it seems like there is no end to it. The windows are also reflecting another tower. 
                                                                                                          Margot, Léa et Juliette

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