jeudi 7 mars 2013


Thursday 7  March 

  On Thursday 7 March, we went to Philadelphia to have breakfast together. Mr Gross had to find a diner for 38 people! He finally found one called Munchie's cafe. 
Half of the class ordered big pancakes and the orthers took typical American breakfast, like toast with beef, cheese, ham, bacon and eggs. Mouth-watering, but we had to wait a lot because they were not use to having many people. The mapple sirop with pancakes was delicious.
Then we went to the History Museum of Philadelphia there was a map on the floor of New Jersey. There were majoritarlly portrait for instance the one of George Washington that you can see on the bill of $1 dollar. But some things were not very interesting. After the visit of the museum  we move towards the major street of Philadelphia, South Street. There were not a lot of shops but it was fun.

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