vendredi 29 mars 2013

A special day in Le Marais

March 29

The afternoon we took the subway to go to le Marais and joined the American students. We waited them twenty minutes and then we went to visit Le Marais. I was with two American students and we were looking for a Mac Donald. we finally found one at Fontaine des Innocents. We just began to cross the square to reech the Mac Donald and then three gypsies arrived and began to speak to us. Two of them wanted us to sign a paper while the other one put her hand in an American student's pocket. So we ran away and the American students were afraid. Then we waited for the gypsies to leave and went to Mac Donald's. We bought burgers and french fries. The American students asked three times for more ketchup. Then we ate on the stairs next to the fountain. A man arrived, his nose was broken and bleeding and he told us that he liked boxing. The American sutudents were really afraid, again. They wanted to leave the place. So we went down rue de Rivoli and did some shopping. We went to Mango, l'Occitane en Provence, H&M; Minelli and Etam. After all of that, we decided to look for the teacher and the group but it took us forty minutes. Then we went home and prepared us for the party at the lycee.    

Andra et Eugénie

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