samedi 16 mars 2013

Official Ceremony at the City Hall

On Tuesday, March 16th we went to Courbevoie's City Hall for a short welcoming reception at 6:00 PM. It was our first evening in France all together so it was pretty crowded -even the parents were invited!

Ancien hôtel de ville, Courbevoie
Courbevoie's City Hall

When we arrived we sat on the very elegant chairs of the wedding hall and the Mayor's deputywelcomed the American students and she was followed by Mrs Lynch, Mrs Saillard and Mr Gross, the two American organizers and our English teacher - the Mayor wasn't here, he was busy and had to stay at the National Assembly. They thanked everybody for being there and reminded us that this sort of exchanges program between different countries were important for us and our culture.
And both national anthems were played. Everybody stood up and we listened to the American national anthem in a solemn frozen silence that was then broken by the voices of our patriotic French students singing La Marseillaise.
After this impressive ceremony we walked down the majestic stairs to have typical French snacks - the American were so excited to taste the famous (Picard) macarons and other sweet and salty "petits fours". It was a real battle to reach them!

Juliette and Mariam

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