lundi 17 février 2014

Any silver lining for Italian politics?

Italy is well-known for political scandals and in this period many changes have happened. The recently formed democratic party, has just elected its new leader: Matteo Renzi, who is going to be the prime minister. What's in store for him? 
French and Italian student reporters enquired in Treviso streets and the people they met answered in a similar way.
Some don't trust the Italian government. According to them, this government doesn't care about the population's problems. For them the Italian government must be the worst in the world.
Others thought that the Italian government and the French one are the same, that is to say that they are both hopeless. 
Even though a perfect government doesn't exist, efforts can be done to improve the situation, which is still not the case of Italy.

Gianmarco, Martin, Andrea and Hélène

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