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Lunchtime in Treviso

Treviso is a city in northern Italy and capital of the province with the same name.                                           It’s the pleasant city with many attractions that diserves attentions but which serves the bases for proper living, for trips in surroundings.                                                                                                                   Rebuilt after the Second World War bombing  the town center is a cluster of narrow streets lined with arcades.
The city is surrounded by walls and aquiducts. The Sile River runs south of the city center and its waters are divided into channels whose banks are lined with green houses and banks, weeping willows, fountains and small parks.

Some of the specialities only eaten here include sopa coada, a sap with pigeon meat or various pastas and rice dishes with wild herbs and vegetables, such as risotto with wild asparagus (bruscandoli). With this famous red chicory (radicchio), Treviso prepares many dishes, the most famous one is Risotto al Radicchio. Other pasta courses popular in Treviso include bigoli - thick homemade spaghetti served with duck or sausage sauce, risi e bisi (rice with peas) and pasta e fagioli (pasta with beans).   

Abundant amounts of meat are eaten : the most wide spread dishes include assorted meat or grilled meat, slide steck with herbs, but even more unusual products such as baked goose or snail stew.                             Another great product from there areas are cheese : the soft, unripened stacchino and costatella come from the plains, while Montasio and others specialities come from the Mountain area.                                          Fish is not traditional in Treviso with the exception of trout, but given the closeness to the sea, there are also exellent fish restaurants.
Fish meat
Cheese radicchio trevigiano

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