lundi 17 février 2014

Dreams on the move

To travel is one of the biggest dreams of every teenager , everything starts with the desire of getting to know new people and cultures , therefore a human being is forced to expand horizons by traveling. Based on some interviews we've managed to collect different statistics about a big variety of travelers .

We've noticed that the most desired destination are the hot countries that provide exotic locations and more economic developed countries during all the year. The most quoted places for what it concerns hot countries Hawaii and the islands of the Caribbean are the chosen maybe because they are quite near to the United States . On the other hand , the most visited european capitals are London,Rome,Paris , Dublin and Madrid. The activities that the italians prefer to do on holidays are relaxing , shopping and visiting the monuments that surround and reflect the culture of the city , we also have seen some diffetent kind of people ; someone who wants to be free will enjoy by doing shopping , whereas straight people will visit to increase their knowledge.
Concerning the transports the majority like to take the train for short distances although airplane is more comfortable. Definitely the crisis had affected the people's plans of traveling . The main reasons why people travel and go visiting foreign countries are to unwind and take a break , to see new things , to increase the knowledge and to get to know some new languages interacting with people from all over the world .  Nevertheless we believe that the permanence in other destinations starts when it comes to prepare the trip, decide where to stay and to go with your "companions" "peers" .

Gioia, Giorgia, Aurore, Oriane , Claire and Elisabetta . 

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