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If you are looking for something typical in Treviso, here are the best places to eat!

During a boring Saturday, teenagers enjoy spending their evening drinking an aperitif at the “Soffioni”, the charming and beloved café’s right in the main square of the city, Piazza dei Signori.
Although youngsters and teenagers are faithful to the traditional and local food, during the last years they have developed a propensity towards oriental cuisines. Japanese and Chinese dishes are becoming a real passion for Italian people around 16-18 years old as well as for tourists.
Furthermore, it has become a matter of fashion rather than taste. Among teenagers if you are able to cook sushi, you are at the top and the best day for a Japanese dinner is Valentine’s Day!
In fact, it is considered by teenagers to be the perfect way of spending a romantic moment with the beloved one.
However, there are several local restaurants in which youngsters love to spend time; they are called “osterie”. There, a wide range of sandwiches and wines is recommended to taste, while chatting or meeting new friends.
The most appreciated dish is the “mozzarella in carrozza”, a fried bread filled with mozzarella cheese and ham which leaves a salty but sweet aftertaste.

During the exchange, our French partners have had the chance to behave like an Italian teenager, and to taste some of the typical dishes mentioned.

Lea’s experience: Sunday evening, I went with my exchange partner at the restaurant “Da Pino” with other Italian people and their French exchange partners. It was an elegant, cosy and chic restaurant in the Piazza dei Signori. The waiters were wearing waistcoat. There was a lot of food that we could choose, but everybody chose pizza. I was not very hungry so I chose to share a pizza “four seasons” with a friend. The service was very fast. It was the first time that I ate pizza in this trip and it was very tasty. For the dessert we took “tiramisu” which was just awesome!

Clotilde’s experience: we were looking for a warm and cosy place to take a rest so our counterparts showed us the Da Sarah. This is a modern and silent shop. The principal is you choose a base (crepe, waffle yoghurt or so) and a perfume (nutella, cherry, strawberry). Then we had to select some candies. I personally chose a crepe with nutella and some chocolate balls, yummy!

Maylis' experience : Our countreparts brought us into a snack bar called “ Tocai”. This is the perfect place to eat : it is cheap, and you have a large choice of sandwiches, hamburgers and paninis in a familiar mood. The waiter was so funny with us. I took a “coccero” which is a hamburger with tomatoes and bacon, that was wonderful and I recommend it.

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