lundi 17 février 2014

Is Reality TV for real?

On Friday morning we interviewed ten people in the principal street of Treviso, Calmaggiore, about everybody's point of view on reality shows. The questions were: Do you watch reality tv? What type and Why? Do you think that the french tv offer the same reality?What do you think about it?
     We interviewed two different age groups and so we had two different types of answers. The older answered that they don't watch reality because they are not interested. They watch different types of programs maybe shorter because reality finishes too late for them. Moreover they like watching breaking news and documentaries and if they'd want to watch the real life on TV, they would watch films. In addition they think that reality shows don't represent the "real" life, and that it's fake. The younger do watch reality shows because they don't have anything to watch and they think it's funny.
     The most widely seen are Masterchef and X-Factor, firstly because people are interested even if they are useless for daily life. People watch Masterchef because they love cooking and the judges and the participants are funny whereas who watch X factor are interested in music.

     As a conclusion, reality show is not very important for people and they watch it not to get bored. Our opinion is that we only collected stereotypes and it doesn't represent the thoughts of everybody.


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