lundi 17 février 2014

Italy and France: two Education models

We interviewed some students of public and private high schools of Treviso and we discovered that in the private school Pio X youngsters have a trusting and respectable relationship with their teachers. 

Through interviews people explained  that they have the possibility of taking an appointment with teachers to solve problems and explain their subjects or to talk about their personal problems. In fact they find that teachers are someone they can confide in. 
A girl of the International High School told us her father's story about forcing him to study to achieve his engineer degree. Thanks to this example, we understood that for Pio's students school is an important element to achieve their dreams. For these reasons a lot of students join the afternoon courses to improve their school curricula. The school offers theatre, bioethics classes, music, mathematics, languages, robot courses and a lot more. Private school students usually studies three hours per day, but they don't go to school on Saturday.
Whereas in the public school they study around one hour per day and they do only 27 hours per week. They don't feel completely at ease on talking about their personal problems with their teachers unless they concerned only school. As they study less ours than us, they can dedicate more time to their passions and their hobbies.

From three to eleven years old French and Italian school system is the same, but in Italy the middle school lasts for three years and in France for four, but both has the same program for everyone. In Italy the high school determinate the school career as Italian students have to choose between several courses: scientific, where the maths and the sciences predominate, classical, where they can study the ancient cultures, linguistic, for the ones that like speak and travel, technic, if you want to learn some particular issues such as design, mechanics, fashion, cooking and more.
In France we have two different high School, the professional one and the general one. Our class is in the general course. Next year, we have to choose between three different spinnerets, the scientific one, which is specialized in maths, physics and biology;the economic one which is specialized in social studies and the literary one which is specialized in French, ancient languages like Greek and Latin and philosophy.

In France, we have 35 hours per week of study in class, we start at 8 or 9 and we end at 16, 17, or 18, it depends on our timetable. We think that it's really exhausting because we have to wake up early and to go back lately. Contrarily in Italy, we start at 7'55 and we finish at 13'25 except the Friday where we finish 16'15. If we could choose we prefer the Italian timetable.

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