dimanche 23 février 2014

Goodbye Treviso

    Thursday 20 February - the atmosphere is not the same because tonight, our trip in Italy ends. 

For the last day with our Italians friends we spent the morning with our groups to finish the media project and then we presented it to our classmates. 

Then we were free, so some went out to eat while others went home. 

However we all had to pack our luggage. 

Meeting time was at 5.30 PM in the train station with the last goodbyes. 
Everyone was ready to take the train apart from one who was late. We were stressed to miss our train because there was only 1 minute left before departure! But she arrived at last and we rode to Venezia Mestre to wait more than an hour our second train. The night in the train was not as good as the first time because it was the end of our journey. 

Clémence, Margaux, Eva, Lucrezia, Marie, Eleonora.

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