lundi 17 février 2014

Hanging out at Soffioni's

Every Trevigian knows this popular bar on Piazza dei Signori in the city center. 
Waiters love working at night because there are more interesting people and they are quite bored during the morning, because just old people come. 
Usually there is a lot of people during the night especially the youngsters, in fact it's amusing. 
Foreigners think this place is cool and they would like to return more often.
The good thing about this place is that it's in the center and it's a really beautiful building under arches.
Soffioni is the meeting point for youngsters before clubbing. 
Waiters here are really friendly and like to speak with customers.
The bar is divided between the outside and the inside. Usually people prefer stay outside even if it's cold. This because it faces the main square.
In the past, this place was used as a market. If you look carefully, there are lots of holes on the columns because they attached stands.
During the II World War, it was bombarded and rebuilt. 
Next to this bar, about some months ago, there was another one, famous as well, but it closed for economical problems, as many other shops.
This is one of the places where rich people usually stop and drink or eat something during the day. 
One of the most famous drinks is "Spritz", that is made for the Aperol, white wine and ice. It is drunk as an appetizer.

Antonietta, Elisa, Alexandre, Sarah, Lorraine. 

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