lundi 17 février 2014

  The Chinese portrait

Our topic has for goal to know better person who belongs to Treviso and the ones who participate to the media project. We want also to compare French to Italian people and young to adult people. To have a better idea of the differences between French and Italian we have chosen the chinese portrait. It's an original and interesting way for the person to introduce themselves
First of all, the Chinese portrait is a series of question like " tell me what you eat I will tell you who you are". It's an abstract artistic description of a person with details.
We used those questions:
If you were :
A movie
A song
A word
A super-hero
A city
A color
An object
An animal
Something in space
Finally the last question was about a family story (anecdote) or a joke.
Some answers were unexpected and funny at times, but we have generally seen that even if the culture and the age is different most of the answers are influence by the American culture. But older people are may be less influenced and keep their own culture (Italian).
The answers which often returns are black and blue for the color, it can remind peace and serenity. On the opposite the black remind negatives ideas, the sadness, the loneliness and at times the fear.
 For the superheroes, Batman represent the richer, Superman the stronger and Cat-woman the independence feminine.

The Chinese portrait permit to reveal some trait of a person with specific details whose make each person unique, even with the communes points .  

Alexandra Beijl, Nicolas Biasotto, Salomé Neuvendel, Léance Kalanzau ,Hawa-Léa Sougouna. Brys

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