jeudi 6 février 2014

Urban Landscapes 2014

1- Time is running

The theme of our photos is time is going by.
We took three different photos with three different times of day. The first one was taken at midday. The second one at 4 pm and the third one at 7 pm.
We can see that these three photos were taken at the same place. We took these three photos at the Grande Arche situated at la Défense, Paris business center.
Each time the weather was different. On the first one, the sky is blue, with a few clouds and we can see a can of Coke in the foreground, it's standing. On the second one it's flat on it's side and the sky is grey and cloudy. Finally on the third photo, the can is crushed and the Arch is shining while the sky is darker.

These three photos show the immobility of objects with time while people move on with their lives.


2- Different aspects of skyscrapers

We decide to take pictures of La Defense’s Towers. These are 3 photos of an urban landscape which were taken from a balcony during different moments of the day. The first one was taken after a raining time with a rainbow above. On the second one we can see clouds in a blue sky above towers. Finally the third one is represented during the evening, with clouds and the moon in the middle.
Although everybody thinks that these towers are always the same and never change, there are many ways to see it. That’s why we took these pictures : to show you that you never observe it with the same eye.
La Defense is a daily landscape, we often notice it and everybody knows it. People don’t really care about these towers because we are too habituated to see it, therefore we want to show you different aspects. For exemple, tourists don’t evalue it with the same eye than the workers.

Clémence, Margaux and Eva

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