lundi 17 février 2014

High ride for Pinarello

The last will be the first
Fausto Pinarello welcomes us in his company outside Treviso in the city of Villorba.  Fausto is a talkative and friendly man who introduced us into the amazing world of bikes and he tells his dad's story.
Cicli Pinarello is an Italian firm specialized in racing bicycles founded in 1952 by Giovanni Pinarello. He raised money when he arrived last at the Tour of Italy and opened a little shop of handmade bicycles in Treviso.
His son Fausto Pinarello started working when he was 17 and  is now the CEO of the company which  is one of the world leading bike manufacturer and supplies top  teams like Sky or Movistar.
The company won the last two Tour de France with Chris Froome and Bradley Wiggins and 10 Grand Boucles altogether.  
Now the company exports around 33,000 worldwide. The new fashion of fixed  bikes is also changing Italian lifestyle as teenagers prefer to buy a bike rather than a motorcycle. The Pinarello bike is dubbed  the “Ferrari” of bicycles and the Dogma which is one of their well-known models weighs just 900 grams.
            So don’t think the last can’t be the first.

Mathis, Hugo, Sami, Nicolo’, Matteo, Riccardo

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