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Education Vox Pop 2015

We asked a few students in the Euro class to give their opinion concerning a few questions about school.

Do you think that the summer holidays are too long ?

     Some people think that the summer holidays are too long and could be shorter.

If the holidays would be shorter, the days of the students could be reduced. So, they would finish earlier, and they would have time to do extra-curricular activities after school, or to do their homework with the result that they won't be able to say that they are tired because of school.
     Another reason, some people think that too long a break isn't good for their children because the time that they spend sleeping or going out with their friends isn't time that they spend learning things and when when they come back to school, if they didn't work, they could be lost....

     However, others think that students are too tired to have more school days and they need a break, even if they don't work then ! Because highschool is very hard, for students, they will start school at 8 a.m. and finish at 5 or 6 p.m. and they've got homeworks !
     Futhermore, at 15 (or more), children are "responsible" and if they don't want to work, this is their business !  

Do you think that lunch break is too short?

     Some people in the class think that the lunch time when there is only one hour is too short and mainly for the non-boarders with the commuting.
     However some would like to have less time for lunch but finish earlier.

Do you think some subjects are not important?

We asked a few students in the Euro class to give their opinion concerning a few questions about school.

Some students think there is too much French when they would like to have more Biology because theywant to do a scientific baccalaureat.
They don't understand why they have to spend an hour in tutoring because most of them don't need this help.
Some of these students have two hours and a half German per week, and think that two hours is enough. They all agree to say that legal, social and civic education is not important at all and two hours per month is too much.
However other students think that all subjects feed your general culture, so all subjects are important.


Do you think home work is necessary?

     Some students think that homework is necessary for students don't forget the lessons of the day.

     But some other students say that if you have too much homework, you can't be concentrated because you say to yourself "There is no end to it !"

     According to other students, they O.D without being able to do everything and learn anymore !

     So most students that I interviewed think that it's very important to work at home to memorize the lessons of the day and the next day, when the students arrive in class, they can easily speak about the lessons they learnt the day before !


Do you think the food in the cafeteria has to be loved by everyone or to be a balanced diet ?

   Some people think that we have to eat a balanced diet everyday to stop obesity problems which grows everyday in the world. They are afraid to be like in the UDSA with 33% of other weight people. They also think that with a balanced diet we can have all the nutriments we need to live and grow in good conditions.

   Some others think we have to eat food that everyone eats like pasta and chips. They say : « With food like that we can be better at school because we're not tired in the afternoon ».

   Some other think we have to alternate balanced diet and unbalanced diet to take advantage of these two diets.

Do you think that applications and websites are a good way to learn languages ?

     Some students think that websites are a good way to learn languages, but it depends on which websites. People manage to learn other languages such as Chinese or Portuguese online. In addition, they find it easier. For instance when you search vocabulary, then you don’t have to look up the words in a dictionary. 

      On the other hand, people think it is better to have a teacher: if you make a mistake or if you don’t understand something, then you just have to raise your hand and ask.  In addition, some very famous and widely used websites are misleading, such as Reverso. People also work on websites such as “netpro 2”, which is very long and complicated to set up and finally they don’t find it helpful to learn English.


Do you think students should have more extra-curricular activities ?

      Some students think it would be useful to have more extra-curricular activities, and good for culture but they can't because the lack of time due to homework and school. If you have too much homework you can't concentrate on your studies.

       However, other students think it depends on you : students choose their activities so it's their choice to have lots activities or not.

      The majority of students want to have more activities but they haven't got the time.


What is a good teacher for you ?

   Some students think that good teachers have to be organized in their lessons and dedicated. Thanks to that students can better learn.

   The teacher has to find a better balance between kindness and authority. If she/he is too lenient, some students could disturb the class. But if he/she is too strict students could be afraid to ask questions.

   Other witnesses say that an interesting teacher is someone who can be able to engage the interest or transform a boring lesson into an interesting one. He/she also has to prepare students for exams.

   To conclude, almost all people think that a teacher's best qualities is to be fair even if it's difficult and especially to understand us.


Is the schedule of the students too tight?

Some students think their schedule is too tight. Indeed, they think school starts too early and finishes too late. This pace can be very tiring for students and affects their work. They say they don’t have time to do their homework or even have breaks like eating at the canteen and having extra-curricular activities. In addition, people living far from school can have trouble doing their homework and specially when teachers don’t abide by the schedules.

However, other students don’t think it’s too tight but it’s unequally spread. School can start at 8 a.m. and finish at 9 p.m. but sometimes students only have 6 hours of lessons during the day.

Do you think we have enough time to eat?
   The opinions are different according to the children given that there are two categories at school: the students who eat at home and the students who eat at school.

   For the former, it dépends whether they live near the highschool or very far. For example, if they have a lot of commuting, they have less time to eat.

   Some people think the latter have no time to eat, they think that fifty minutes are not enough. There are too many people who eat at the same time. They think that the organization is not satisfying, one stair is used whereas there are two stairs.

   Paradoxically, some people say they have enough time to eat provided they have two hours. Although the time table is organized, the second M has two hours only on Fridays and the latinists never have two hours to eat. So, it dépends on the day and also if you eat very fast or not.

   For the time being, there is no solution to reduce the number of people in the cafeteria or to grant more time to eat.


Do you think there are inequalities between genders in high school ?

   Some people think there are inequalities between genders, they aren't treated the same way, for instance, in sport, girls and boys don't have the same grading system as it's easier for girls to get good marks.

   However not everybody agrees. Indeed, most people think there aren't inequalities, boys and girls get the same education, have the same right, the same duties... Besides there are more differences than inequalities between genders, they don't have the same image of themselves and the same centers of interest.


Do you think school should'nt be co-educational ?

             Some people think that school should'nt be co-educational as there are much intimidation and less concentration because judgment scares students. There are many differencies between boys and girls which could be misinterpreted.
             However others think that a co-educational school is better to learn about professional life where gender aren't separated. Even so, it is positive for boys and girls to know about the opposite sex to learn how to live together, by having the same education to understand both genders.


Do you think that students spend too much time working at school ?

Some French students think that the days at school are too heavy and feature too many lessons. Sometimes students don't need so many hours and, in hightschool, some subjects should not be compulsory. For example, if a student wants to be a writer, he/she shouldn't learn lots of mathematics.
However, we can't take hours off, we have to work on Saturdays or have shorter holidays to have fewer hours a day. We have to mention that all students haven't got the same number of hours per day.


Is it possible to manage extra-curricular activities with school days?
Some students think it's impossible to manage extra-curricular activities with school days because, if they finish their school days as late as 6 PM, they will have to hurry because some extra-curricular activities begin at 6 too. Moreover, the Schedule is too tight and students don't have time to do their homework, let alone other activities? It's very difficult to have extra-curricular activities in high school, because today students have a lot of homework too.

However, others think it's manageable to have extra-curricular activities with school days. For instance, when students finish early, they can do their homework and then, they have time for their activities. If they have a lot of time to eat or an hour without class, they can do their homework in advance too. So students can be free after school time.

Should  school day start later ?

      Some students think that the school day should start later because a survey proved that our brain is able to work from 10 a.m.. So, the school day should start at 10: students would work better.

      However, others think that it depends on what ime you finish. Actually, they preferto start school early and finish school early rather than start school later and finish school later. Indeed, if students finish school early, they can have extra-curricular activities or see their friends. But, they also think it's nice to sometimes start school later.


Are teachers always objective ?

   Some students think that teachers are not always objective, but only a few teachers are not. Teachers are human beings and unconsiously, they judge students maybe because of the phisical appearence, and mainly about the comportment : if the student is not calm and doesn't listen ; at the moment they grade the exam, teachers will probably be more demanding. Moreover, some teachers can be more caring whith students who will major their subject : for exemple; a French teacher will favour a student who wants to write books later.

   However, an other part think that teachers do their job well, and they trust their professional experience, and responsability to be as objective as possible.

   In a nutshell, most students think that some teachers can be less objective than others, but unconsciously, and this is not very important.


Do you think school rules should be less strict ?

Some people think school rules should be loosened because they find there are too many rules, you can't go out when you want and you can't use your cell phone in class.
However, others think it should not be less strict because rules are a must, without them, there is no respect. Also, children don't abide by all the rules, so with less, it could be worse. They think that it is impossible to teach, because pupils see rules as a game, they want to see what are the limits, but without rules, there would not be limits or discipline.


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