jeudi 19 février 2015

Thursday 19 February

We left Cherry at about 8.30 and arrived at Philadelphia at about 9.30. 
We started seeing the murals in our school with a guide  bus who explained how the murals were created and why.
The murals were created with the goal of rehabilitating prisoners. Step by step, the first mural was created.
Today, over 3000 murals have been painted in Philadelphia. This is the most important collection of murals in the world.
Now, apart frm convicts, it's professional artists and sometimes children involved in arts programs with their schools who paint murals.
This is not only graffitis. The town of Philadelphia pays the artists and the tools they need.
A mural costs between $10,000 and $15,000 each but it makes the city more beautiful, breaks the walls between the districts and the different ethnic groups in the town, all of that, thanks to street art.

After seeing the murals of Philadelphia, we went to the Barnes foundation at about 11 am. It's a building with about 800 famous paintings. It was founded by Albert Barnes in 1922 in a suburb of Philadelphia.
Overhead, we can see the beginning of the museum. In this foundation, there are two floors with different rooms of paintings. So, we saw:

Auguste Renoir paintings like "Jeune garçon sur la plage d'Yport"

Paul Cézanne paintings like Portrait of Madame Cézanne

as well as Van gogh, Picasso, George Seurat etc
We learnt about these artists thanks to a guide because it was a guided tour, therefore the class was divided in three parts. At the end of the visit, I think that some people were tired so we ate in a lunchroom at about 1 pm. Then, we went back to Cherry Hill and came back home with our families.

Cyril, Doan and Romain.

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